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She's The Total Package

She's The Total Package

Hey Grow-friend

Growing together in faith.  This year has been everything but normal.  But God is still in control.  Welcome to my site where I will be serving you with all things Beauty because  She's The Total Package .  She is you,  she is me, she is every woman.  She is a reminder to every woman,  you have everything you need to soar on your journey in life.  All life originated in God the creator of everything.  I want to Inspire you through my Jewelry collection Shefruitful  to always remember you are created to prosper and grow.  This is  a hand -made Jewelry collection inspired by creativity and flow.  As God give me pieces to create I serve by selling inspiration, confidence and self esteem to others when she wears them. 

You can also purchase my book which will empower you to Master The Steps to  Become Whole for yourself. A way to more clarity , wholeness, peace and prosperity.

 I will be adding other items later.  What a joy I get with creating every piece with love out of some recyclable materials to help make the earth a better place.  

Until the next blog, keep serving in your highest gift of love.

 DR.  Crystal Coleman